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Single mom of 3 needs money for christmas

rainbowbright started this conversation

I am a single mother of three wonderful children. With the economy going the way it is I have found myself running short on money these days!!(who hasn't right?) I have never asked for anything from anyone, and I actually hate doing this, but the time has come for me to bite my pride and reach out a little so my children can still experience santa. Anything would be well appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this and may God Bless You!!!

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hello my name is katrina a single parent  from cincinnati ohio. i have a nine month old, bby in college,i need a little help was wondering if anyone wanted to donate a car or grant my BLESSING for CHRISTMAS. With the snow coming very soon its going to be hard to get back and forth to church, school and daycare without a car.If you can help me in any way please contact me at

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I am a single mom of 2 . Girl 9 and boy 15 that has a brain injury. My husband left us 2 months ago and  we had just moved to a small town where i dont know anyone. There is no jobs available at the moment, alot of places are just closing down. I also dont know how i am going to buy Christmas for my kids. I am living off of $600.00 a month and struggling to keep power and bills paid. Im trying to get my sons disability started but that could take up to 3 months..All we can do is explain to them and hope they understand that we can't pay santa to come this yr.and Pray something good will come our

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Toys for Tots can help you!

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need help in getting gifts for my kids this year, I have all my bills paid, but it left me without money for christmas this year. I on a limited income, If you can help please email me

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This is my first Christmas alone with my 3 children1 I am worried to death that i won't be able to get them anything for Christmas!! I had to get a loan just to get caught up on rent and bills..I know this story sounds so "typical", but if you knew my children, you would know it is not! They deserve a good Christmas more than I can express!!! They are 3 BEAUTIFUL BLESSINGS! I am working as hard as I can and praying every second! If anyone reading this can help or know where I can turn to, PLEASE, contact me. Thank you, and all God's blessings!! M.

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